What Price Roberts + Co can do for your Business?


Apart from the general accounting and taxation compliance functions, there are many services Price Roberts + Co can offer:

  • preparing and reviewing your business plan;
  • advising on business structures and asset holding options;
  • directing you to marketing information;
  • analysing information about a business for sale;
  • assisting you in controlling your cash flow;
  • guiding you through various taxation issues, eg. income tax, capital gains tax, GST, superannuation and stamp duty;
  • helping to explain employment issues and requirements;
  • researching taxation issues and (if required) preparing applications for Private Rulings;
  • recognising the need for and recommending your use of other professionals, if appropriate;
  • helping you to control stock/inventory levels; and
  • recommending accounting software and/or processes for recording accounting/tax information.

It is important to note that professional tax advice may only be provided by registered tax agents and solicitors. Given the complexity and variety of different taxes this is for your protection as poor or incomplete tax advice can create expensive unintended results.

Further accountants like any other professional person are not able to provide financial advice unless they hold a Proper Authority for an entity Licensed with the ASIC. Amongst other skills a Financial Advisor should have a detailed knowledge of individual investment products.

It is only appropriate to use the right specialist at the right time. However your accountant may be a useful sounding board particularly with the tax implications of financial advice you may receive and your accountant’s independence/impartiality.