What Superannuation Services can Price Roberts + Co Provide?


As a Chartered Accounting firm we CAN:

  • assist in establishing a self managed superannuation fund (“SMSF”);
  • provide or review taxation information and modelling;
  • provide administration services (depending on your needs);
  • prepare financial statements and income tax returns;
  • arrange or perform annual SIS and ATO audits; and
  • research and advise on technical issues for taxation and compliance queries.

What we CANNOT do:

  • We are unable to give financial and/or investment advice, ie. what do you think of this investment? Should we invest in this particular product? However we can confirm if an investment is within the SIS and ATO superannuation investment restrictions; and
  • We are not lawyers, therefore where necessary we recommend the use of lawyers, eg. establishment or update of trust deeds.


The partners and some staff each have their own SMSF and Price Roberts + Co has prepared client SMSF accounts, tax returns and audits for over 15 years and often use SMSFs as a major tax planning tool.


Generally we find that the price of our services is about two-thirds of Adelaide accountants; although more recently we have found it to be around half of the cost of some accountants. We work on a time basis and our charges including administration, taxation and audit are usually in the range of $990 (simple funds) to $3,300 (complex/very active funds). We work with you to make the administration easier which reduces costs.