ATO Focus on Lodgement Dates

The Tax Office, likely through a desire to increase government cash flow, is putting greater pressure on Tax Agents to lodge client returns by their due dates.

ATO Compliance Activities

The ATO has highlighted a number of areas that it will focus on in its compliance activities this year. This includes:

Landlords, the ATO and rental deductions

One in seven taxpayers in Australia is a property investor. Each year residential landlords claim a total of around $5 billion in rental losses. Accordingly one can understand the Australian Tax Office’s (ATO) close scrutiny of the deductions claimed by landlords. But a recent case before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) demonstrates how far the ATO will go to test the boundaries of what is, and isn’t, tax deductible.

The case involved a taxpayer who owned a property in country NSW. The owner stated that the property was available for rent but she had been unable to find tenants. As a result, the property did not derive any income for a number of years.